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Many smaller exporters start to see more and more the benefits of modern automation. Connection to the system of the accountant, process electronic order messages and send OGP (taken over products) via EKT's are some wishes that often are being brought up during the first meetings.


The logistics system LogiFlora® has been proven at the larger companies, but there is now a "light" version developed that covers the needs of a smaller exporter.  LogiFlora®-Light is suitable for businesses of one to ten users, but can easily be expanded by the modular construction, should your company grow faster than you expected.

Because sometimes hardware problem can give problems it is also possible to remotely offer this light version to you. Some talk about the technique behind this as SBC, SAAS, ASP or Web-based working. We however prefer to talk about what this technique brings you up front: your custom automation available always and everywhere. As simple as water from the tap. Reliable, professional and secure with best rates guaranteed. For a fixed price per user per month.

Imagine ….
Imagine that anytime, anywhere you have access to your specific programs and documents. Whether you are in the office or at the garden, at home or on the road. Your applications, files, calendar, contacts, tasks, and e-mail are within easy reach. Also you can be certain that there will be backups and that you are optimally protected against viruses, spyware, hackers etc. Your automation solution has the facilities, reliability and safety of a multinational.

For always got rid of …
Investments and costs for servers, software, licences, backup, anti-virus tools, firewalls, updates, service packs, security patches, System Administration, help desk, etc.  It is not of your concern anymore. You know that you can work anywhere, anytime and in addition it offers the most reliable facilities. At last you can fully concentrate on your business and your customers.

Sounds too good to be true?
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The solution for the invisibilities in the composition products!

The product name doesn't tell all about what this module can do for your company. The word ‘boeketterie’ could also be replaced by (plants) package or mix-containers, boxes, etc. or even a combination of these 'composite' products!

Logi-Bouquet can play a central role in your organization as a logistics system, if your company fully specializes in combined products. It is also quite possible to put this module as a separate department which enables to communicate from and to the clock and with your current logistics system.



Some features of Logi-Bouquet

1) Construction cost overview per combined (e.g. bouquet) product in advance and afterwards.


2) Dealing e.g. from the clock and from stock to combined product.


3) Adding components (price and product parts) to the combined product.


4) Production costs as a definition to a product link.


5) File structure of combined products.


6) Generate price list from these files.


7) Time registration to compare before and after production, but above all as part of the band planning.


8) Establishing production lines and the planning thereof. (E.g. What parts are made available on what production band.)


9) Generate work orders for internal as well as external. (E.g. to another production company to make a bouquet for you, with all the building blocks in the production order.


10) send a final EKT-message with 'combined product’  to your logistic system or that of another party.


This (short) list of the possibilities of this product has hopefully picked your interest and we are happy to be able to convince you even further of the added value, by means of a demo at your place or with us!

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The exporter/owner of a shop will give all sorts of information in that shop and the customer wants to work with this information in a user-friendly way. Files like offers and orders must, to and from, be  able to be transferred easy into the logistics system or in the shop. The customer may also want to show his customer purchases to his customers. This option has already been worked out and the Logi-Webshop can easily be linked to another shop.


LogiFlora B.V. has an arrangement with the VKC that a photo can be shown with each product. The file contains tens of thousands of pictures and a further supplement of approx. 2,500 each year. LogiFlora B.V. ensures that these photos are available for its customers and synchronize these files regularly. You can, of course, next to the VKC photo upload a current photo to your products in your assortment offers.


The Logi-Webshop can be branded with your company colours and logo and your customer's login account determines the language and currency. The customer and you see when entering an order the growth of the total volume this option is of great convenience for planning of transport.


The simple updating of the shop allows presentation of near real-time stock and the option ‘deadline’ gives you the ability to control to the ordering behaviour of your customer(s) somewhat.


As we pursue with all Logi-products this product is also user friendly and reliable.


More information?

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